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Painted Cats Bengals Sparble Kitten

Painted Cats Bengals- Milwaukee Wisconsin-

Located in Wisconsin but we ship worldwide. We have TICA and CFA registered Bengal kittens. We are breeding healthy rosetted bengals for pet, show, and breeder homes. Adult breeding Bengals are HCM tested, PK Deficiency normal, PRA normal, FeLV FIV negative. Kittens are wormed and guaranteed parasite free and virus free. All Bengal kittens are socialized and they come with a health guarantee. We ship bengals to the contiguous United States and internationally.

We have a U.S. Fish and Wildlife permit   

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Sparble - The sparble is a spotted/rosetted Bengal

The sparble is not a pattern which is recognized by any cat registry. However Bengal breeders know a sparble when they see one. A sparble is a cross between a spotted Bengal and a marble Bengal. Usually covered in long shapes and rosettes which are large and semmingly connected. A sparble is not a marble Bengal - it is actually spotted.

​Sparble Bengal examples:

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Midwest United States

Painted Cats Bengals - Milwaukee Wisconsin -  website: www.paintedcats.com  email jim@paintedcats.com

Northwest United States

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Marie Bengal - Canada - website: www.mariebengal.com  email: mariebengal@live.ca


Brown Sparble Bengal

Sparble Patterned Bengals

Brown Sparble Bengal 1

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Marie Bengal Sparble Kitten
Charcoal Sparble Bengal

Marie Bengal - Grenville Canada 
We are passionate about Bengal cat, Our Bengals are part of our family and live without cage. Our goal is to offer you real small house leopard without his aggressive behaviour and offer only top quality Bengal cats. We are specialize in (Jet black Big rosettes) tricolor Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby.(Real leopard patterns

www.mariebengal.com  email: mariebengal@live.ca