The Silver Bengal cat

Silver Bengal cat breeders from around the world. Silver is perhaps the most difficult Bengal color for the Bengal breeder to master. There are several breeders who have been breeding the finest silver Bengal cats and Bengal kittens. It can take generations to breed excellent silver Bengals. Many Bengal breeders try to breed the silver Bengal. 

​Advice to Bengal kitten buyers: 
When you approach a Bengal breeder about their Bengal kittens do not lead with the question; "what is the Bengal cat price?" It is always best to tell the breeder about yourself. Or you could tell the breeder what it is about the breeder's Bengal kittens that got you interested. 


​BLACK SILVER TABBY From the CFA Bengal Standard
(Rosetted/Spotted, Marble): Ground color ranges from clear silver white to pewter gray. Markings are medium gray to jet black, with good contrast to ground color. Minimal to no warm tones present on face, back, and legs. Tarnish is undesirable. Color on chest and belly will be lighter than ground color. Area around eyes, temples, and muzzle are lighter than ground color. Skin pigment around eyes, and lips is black. Nose leather: Brick red, or black. Paw pads: Black. Eye color: Any color other than blue


We are licensed by the state of CO. Kittens are TICA & CFA registered come with age appropriate vaccinations, worming and health guaranteed all pet kittens are spayed/neutered prior to leaving.All kittens are well socialized and have been raised in home with family & dogs. We breed rosetted brown, silver and snow colored Bengals. All breeding cats are HCM screened, PK Deficiency normal and FeLV/FIV negative. 

​www.lunakatz.com    tracy@lunakatz.com

Titan Bengals Silver Kitten

Silvercastle Bengals - South Korea

We are a small cattery located in South Korea specializing in brown, silver & snow rosetted Bengal kittens. Our kittens and cats play underfoot, are handled and loved daily and socialized with people. We pride ourselves with a clean and healthy cattery with socialized cats and kittens.
Our focus is a Quality, not Quantity! Our aim is to breed exceptional quality kittens that are healthy with have wonderful markings, excellent type, and clear glittered coats. Silver Castle Bengals will determine when a kitten is old enough to go to a new home. No kitten will leave Silver Castle before 12 weeks of age.

silvercastlebengals.com   slimkss@hotmail.co.kr

Silvercastle Hera
TGC Amazonbengals Cruise of Lunakatz

The Silver Bengal Cat Breeders: Bengal Kittens

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Silver Bengal Kitten

Titans Bengal - Ohio

Titan Bengals is a small TICA registered cattery near Ada, Ohio (80 minutes from Toledo, Dayton, Columbus and Ft. Wayne, Indiana). We have placed our kittens all over the USA and Canada and as you can see from our photos, our Bengals are raised in our home and given lots of love and attention. We are not in the business of mass breeding, but instead are dedicated cat lovers who want to share our love of Bengals with those who are also Bengal enthusiasts.


Breeders of Silver Bengals - Text Ads

Midwest United States

Titans Bengal - Ohio  www.titanbengals.com

​High Caliber - Jackson Ohio - website: www.highcaliberbengals.com email: sirenarobinson@rocketmail.com 

KotyKatz Bengals -Stow Ohio - website: ​www.kotykatz.com  email:  takotewicz@aol.com

​Dracarys Bengals - Clinton Il website: http://dracarysbengals.weebly.com/  email: dracarysbengals@gmail.com

Northwest United States

Chaotic Country Bengals - Elmira, Oregon - website: www.chaoticcountrybengals.com  email: chaoticbengals@yahoo.com 

​Pouncing Paws Bengals - Uniontown OH - Pouncingpawsbengals.com  email: pouncingpawsbengals@gmail.com 

​Heavensdoor Bengals - Seattle, Washington - website: Facebook  email: synodell@comcast.net

Southwest United States

Lunakatz - Colorado - website: ​www.lunakatz.com   email: tracy@lunakatz.com

Wildstyle Bengals - Florida - website: www.wildstylebengalcats.com   email:  WildStyleBengals@aol.com   

Black Mtn Bengals - San Diego California - website: www.sandiegobengal.com  email: jrennecker2@gmail.com 

Southeast United States

Catpal - Marietta Georgia - website: www.georgiabengals.com  email: amyjholland1@gmail.com 

​Naples Bengals - Naples FL - website: www.exoticspotbengals.com  email: jmjordan33@yahoo.com 

Capstone Bengals - Hurdie Mill, NC - website: www.capstonebengals.com  email: cathy@capstonebengals.com

Northeast United States

Fuzzy Love Bengals - Mechanicsburg PA - website: www.fuzzylovebengals.com  email: email@fuzzylovebengals.com

​Allure Bengals - Martinsville, VA - website: www.allurebengalcats.com  email: evyeniad@aol.com

Dragonfly Bengals - Vermont - website: www.dragonflybengal.com email: dragonflybengal@yahoo.com 

Snow Tundra Bengals - Maine - website: www.snowtundrabengal.com  email: herminahart@gmail.com 

Indian Creek Bengals Harleysville, PA website: www.indiancreekbengals.com  email: indiancreekbengals@msn.com ​

Niema Bengals - Chicopee MA website:  NiemaBengals.com​    email: amstafluv@yahoo.com


Wild N Sweet Bengals Magog Canada - website:  www.wildnsweetbengals.com  email: ​​wildnsweetbengals@gmail.com 

Bengaluxe - Quebec Canada - website: www.bengaluxe.com  email: bengaluxe@hotmail.com 


Bengal Cat Manor - Hertfordshire England - website: www.bengalcatmanor.co.uk  email: victoria.okell@bengalcatmanor.co.uk


​​​​​Silvercastle Bengals - South Korea - website: silvercastlebengals.com  email: slimkss@hotmail.co.kr