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​Oh My Cats - Oklahoma

We have discovered that: The Bengal is more like a best friend than a cat or a dog. They are instinctively gentle with elderly and the very young. They can play like "wild animals" yet leave our collection of memories unscathed. They sense moods and comfort or entertain as needed. They accompany me throughout the house: work when I work, play when I play, and rest when I stop. 

In addition to taking turns living in the house, we have a large spacious and airy cattery pavilion, where our males live like the kings they are. We encourage visitors, and invite all to consider Catching the Dream of the Bengal Cat.        www.ohmycats.com

The Marble Bengal cat​​

We have breeders who specialize in the marble Bengal Cat. People often comment about the incredible plush fur of the marble Bengals. Marble bengals come in every color, and they have the same genetic ancestors and qualities of their spotted/rosetted counterparts. The marble Bengal kittens often choose their owner. Sometimes a Bengal buyer will show up wanting a rosetted Bengal, and quite suddenly a marble will approach the buyer and steal their heart. 

​Advice to Bengal kitten buyers: 
When you approach a Bengal breeder about their Bengal kittens do not lead with the question; "what is the Bengal cat price?" It is always best to tell the breeder about yourself. Or you could tell the breeder what it is about the breeder's Bengal kittens that got you interested. 


MARBLE TABBY PATTERN from the CFA Bengal Standard 
The Marble pattern is full of swirls, with a pattern like no other breed. Ground color should be clear, and free of ticking. Contrast with ground color must be extreme, showing distinct markings with sharp edges. Markings are two toned, having a horizontal or diagonal flow. Side pattern symmetry not required. There should be no resemblance to the Classic Tabby pattern, and a circular pattern or bullseye is undesirable. The more random the pattern, the better. Additional color tones inside the pattern, giving a “stained glass” effect is desirable. Patterned shoulder markings, and multi-toned markings on legs and tail desirable. Rosettes and spots can be present, particularly on the legs. Strong chin strap, mascara markings desirable. Backs of ears have a thumbprint. Color on chest and belly should be lighter than ground color. Belly must be patterned. Allow for maturity for “stained glass” or full coloration to appear.

Marble Bengal

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Midwest United States

Northwest United States

​Exotic Legends - Washington website: Facebook  email: exoticlegends@gmail.com 

​Northeast United States

Southwest United States

Oh My Cats - Oklahoma   website: www.ohmycats.com

Southeast United States

Northeast United States

Snow Tundra Bengals - Maine - website: www.snowtundrabengal.com  email: herminahart@gmail.com

Indian Creek Bengals Harleysville, PA website: www.indiancreekbengals.com  email: indiancreekbengals@msn.com ​


Marie Bengal - Canada - website: www.mariebengal.com  email: mariebengal@live.ca


Marie Bengal - Grenville Canada 

We are passionate about Bengal cat, Our Bengals are part of our family and live without cage. Our goal is to offer you real small house leopard without his aggressive behaviour and offer only top quality Bengal cats. We are specialize in (Jet black Big rosettes) tricolor Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby.(Real leopard patterns

website: www.mariebengal.com  email: mariebengal@live.ca