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Midwest United States

Cataristocrat - Ohio - website: email:

​Bengalscape - Wisconsin - website:  email: 

Chicago Bengal - Illinois - website:  email:

Diamond dust Bengals - Wisconsin website:    email:

​Dracarys Bengals - Clinton Il website:  email:

Northwest United States

Liberty Bengals - Fort Drum, New York USA - website:   email: 

Chaotic Country Bengals - Elmira, Oregon - website:  email: 

​Heavensdoor Bengals - Seattle, Washington - website: Facebook  email: 

The Rhine Bengals - Dixon, Montana website:   email:

Southwest United States

Buccaneer Bengals  - Oklahoma - website:  email: BUCCANEERBENGALS@GMAIL.COM 

Southeast United States

Boyds Bengals - Savannah GA - website:   email:

Wildstyle Bengals - Florida-​   webiste:  email: 

​Naples Bengals - Naples FL - website:  email:

Northeast United States

Fuzzy Love Bengals - Mechanicsburg PA - website:  email:

​Allure Bengals - Martinsville, VA - website:  email: 

​Pouncing Paws Bengals - Uniontown OH -  email: 

​Dragonfly Bengals - Vermont - website: email:


Wild N Sweet Bengals Magog Canada - website:  email: ​​ 

​Bengaluxe - Quebec Canada - website:  email: 


Wheatshine Bengals - CADIZ, SPAIN - website:  email:

Boyds Bengals Night Fury

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The Charcoal Bengal Cat 
The Charcoal rosetted Bengal cat can be snow, brown, silver marble, blue or solid. The charcoal Bengal cat is amazing in person. The Bengal usually has a prominent facial mask and a cape. DNA tests done at UC Davis can confirm the charcoal Bengal as Apb/a. Charcoal Bengals can come in all of the colors. Silver, Brown, blue, snow, etc.

In addition to charcoal bengals, there are also melanistic Bengals. Melanistic Bengals appear to be black cats until the light hits them just right.

​Advice to Bengal kitten buyers: 
When you approach a Bengal breeder about their Bengal kittens do not lead with the question; "what is the Bengal cat price?" It is always best to tell the breeder about yourself. Or you could tell the breeder what it is about the breeder's Bengal kittens that got you interested. 


CHARCOAL TABBY PATTERN from the CFA Bengal Standard 
There should be definite contrast between ground color and markings, with distinct shapes, and clearly defined edges. Pattern should have a horizontal flow. Preference will be given to very dark markings, with clear outlines, and well contrasted to the ground color. There must be white, or nearly white spectacles or “goggles” encircling the eyes. A dark mask runs all the way from the nose bridge to the nose, and connects from the mascara lines all the way to the nose bridge. A wide, dark, “cape” running down the length of the back is desirable. Color on chest and belly should be lighter than ground color. Kittens are sometimes rosetted, adults are usually spotted. Charcoals can be Spotted, or Marble Pattern.

Boyds Bengals - Savannah GA  

BoydsBengals is a small cattery about 30 minutes from beautiful Savannah, Georgia. We breed beautiful Bengal cats for sale as pets, breeders and potential show cats. BoydsBengals started out as Bengal cat owners, but we fell in love with the breed. We breed rosetted Bengal kittens, snow Bengal kittens, brown spotted Bengal kittens and marble Bengal kittens for sale.

We spoil our bengal cats and bengal kittens, giving them plenty of hugs, kisses and affection. BoydsBengals firmly believes that our bengal cats and bengal kittens deserve the best of everything.

Wild N Sweet Bengals - Magog Canada

We are a small family Bengal cattery located in Magog, Qc, Canada. Our mission is to raise Bengal kittens in perfect health with a look and behavior that will steal your heart! Health, Temperament and Outstanding Quality are our priorities. We produce these small leopards in rare and very special colors such as silver, silver charcoal, brown charcoal, silver smoke, snow, snow charcoal and of course in the traditional color of browns. We specialize in top quality Bengal cat with spectacular colors and markings! We ship Worldwide!


Silver Charcoal Bengal
Painted Cats Bandit

Breeders of Charcoal Bengal Cats and Bengal Kittens

Chicago Bengal - Chicago Illinois

If you are looking for a Bengal kitten you have come to the right place. We are one of Illinois premier Bengal cat breeders and are located 1 hour west of Chicago in Aurora. We breed SBT Bengals; which means these Bengals are at least 4 generations away from the real asian Leopard cat. Our colors range from brown rosetted , seal lynx, seal lynx charcoal, mink and mink charcoal Bengals. We have a great Bengal price that is competitive.