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14 karat Bengal - Arizona

14 Karat Bengal is a small in-home Bengal cat cattery located near Sedona, AZ - Each & every one of my Bengal cats & kittens lives inside of my home & is a beloved, well-trained member of my family. I Specialize in Healthy & Gorgeous, Top Quality Bengal Kittens with Exuberantly Loving "Velcro-Kitty" Temperaments, Exceptionally Contrasted Rosetted Coats with Rich Golden/Red Coloration & Beautiful Faces with Big Eyes & Sweet Expressions.      


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14 karat Bengal - Arizona - website: www.14karatbengal.com

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Indian Creek Bengals Harleysville, PA website: www.indiancreekbengals.com  email: indiancreekbengals@msn.com ​



Silky Bengals - Germany - website: http://www.cashmeres.de/  email: 

The Cashmere Bengal Cat​​

The cashmere Bengal Cat is a long haired version of the Bengal. Both parents have to carry a recessive gene for long hair in order for a Bengal breeder to produce a Cashmere Bengal kitten. The recessive gene for long hair is found in many short hair cat breeds. Many new cat breeds have been created from the long haired variety of a short haired breed. One such example is the Somali, the long haired variety of the Abyssinian. 

​Advice to Bengal kitten buyers
When you approach a Bengal breeder about their Bengal kittens do not lead with the question; "what is the Bengal cat price?" It is always best to tell the breeder about yourself. Or you could tell the breeder what it is about the breeder's Bengal kittens that got you interested. 


LONGHAIR BENGAL (CASHMERE) from the CFA Bengal Standard 
The Longhair Bengal can come in any described color/pattern combination. Coat is semi long haired, with a fine texture, and luxurious, not cottony or wooly. The coat should create an all over harmonious impression with the longer parts flowing gently into the shorter ones. Long hair sticking out on any part of the body is undesirable. Coat shall lay close to the body. Silky coat and satin glitter are desirable, but not required. Pattern shall be clearly visible, with a horizontal flow to its alignment. Hair around head and neck may be slightly longer. A slightly fuller coat on the back of neck is accepted, but not required. A corona of hair around the head, extremely thick, full coat on back of neck, or a ruff, is undesirable. Ears shall not be tufted, but slight ear tips are allowed. Strong ear tufts, spoiling the rounded impression of the ear are not desirable. Tail shall be slightly longer haired creating a plumed impression.

Cashmere Bengal Kitten

Breeders of Cashmere Long Hair Bengal Cats

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