Retired Bengal cats​​

The retired Bengal cat is one that is a great example of the Bengal breed. Typically Retired Bengals are up to date on shots and screened for HCM. These Bengal cats have likely ben very loved and the breeders become very attached to them. 

Breeders may be selective in placing their breeder or show cats. So start out by telling the breeder why you like the cat, and what kind of home you can provide. There will always be a price. The retired breeding cat is actually more valuable than a Bengal Kitten. Breeders make large investments in their breeding cats. Some breeding or show Bengals sell for $5000. In addition the breeders spend much more on vet care, DNA testing, HCM screening, showing, pedigrees, vet care, and food.


​Advice to Bengal cat buyers: 
When you approach a Bengal breeder about their adult Bengal cat do not lead with the question; "what is the Bengal cat price?" It is always best to tell the Bengal breeder about yourself. Or you could tell the breeder what it is about the breeder's Bengal cat that got you interested. 

Bengal Kittens

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Stunning female snow charcoal Bengal named Champaign

Champaign is spayed and up to date on shots. She is not a lap cat and she will require and experienced cat owner to work with her. 

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Adult Bengal Cats - Retired show and breeder Bengals

Stunning male silver charcoal Bengal named Bandit

Excellent loving disposition. He talks to people and loves being handled.

He is neutered and up to date on his shots.

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