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Midwest United States

Painted Cats Bengals - Milwaukee Wisconsin -

Diamond Dust Bengals - West Allis Wisconsin  - website:  email:

Denton's Bengals - Ames Iowa - website:  email:

Platinum Bengals - Ohio - website:  email: 

StarSpengaled Bengals - Michigan/Indiana - website: starspengaledbengal  email:

Exotique Bengals - Indiana - website:  email:

KotyKatz Bengals -Stow Ohio - website: ​  email: 

​High Caliber - Jackson Ohio - website: email: 

​Dracarys Bengals - Clinton Il website:  email: 

Lulu Leopardz Missouri - Pacific, Missouri website: email: 

Northwest United States

ApexExotics - Idaho website:  email:

​​TikkaSky - Washington - website:  email:  

Liberty Bengals - Fort Drum, New York USA - website:   email: 

Chaotic Country Bengals - Elmira, Oregon - website:  email: 

​Heavensdoor Bengals - Seattle, Washington - website: Facebook  email: 

​Exotic Legends - Washington website: Facebook  email: 

​Beautiful Bengals - Grand Jn CO website:  email:  

The Rhine Bengals - Dixon, Montana website:   email:

Apex Bengals - Herndon, Virginia  website:   email:

Northeast United States

Niema bengals - Chicopee mass - website:  email: 

Wild & Wonderful Bengals -WV website:  email:  

Cavscout Bengals - Rochester, MA - website:  email:

​Bengalsembrace - Long Island - website:  email:

Fuzzy Love Bengals - Mechanicsburg PA - website:  email:

Allure Bengals - Martinsville, VA - website:  email: 

​Pouncing Paws Bengals - Uniontown OH -  email: 

​Graffiti Spot Bengals - Virginia - website:  email:

Dragonfly Bengals - Vermont - website: email:  

Snow Tundra Bengals - Maine - website:  email: 

AstoriaBengals - website:  email:  

​Brailey's Bengals - Sandy Hook CT - website: email:

Indian Creek Bengals Harleysville, PA website:  email: 

KMS Bengals - Spring Creek Pennsylvania website  email 

Niema Bengals - Chicopee MA website:    email:

​Bamboo Bengals - website:  email:

Southwest United States

Black Mtn Bengals / San Diego Bengal - website:  email:

​Arkham Bengals - Arkansas - Website:  email:

Wildlife Bengals -  Baton Rouge, Louisiana - website:​  email:​

Lunakatz - Colorado - website: ​   email:

​Abamabu Cattery - Thornton Colorado - website:  email: 

Leopardsrealm Bengals - Arizona website:  email:

Southeast United States

Boyds Bengals - Savannah GA - website:   email:

Spot On Bengals - Dalton, GA - website:   email:

Primal Bengal - North Carolina - website:  email:

Bluegrass Bengals  website:  email:

Wildstyle Bengals - Florida - website:   email:   

​Naples Bengals - Naples FL - website:  email:

Coastal Bengals - Myrtle Beach SC - website:  email: 

Bodcau Bayou Bengals - NW Louisiana - website:  email: 

Adora Bengals - Springale Arkansas  Website:  email:


Rideau Lake Bengals  - Canada - website:  email: 

Wild N Sweet Bengals Magog Canada - website:  email: ​​

Marie Bengal - Canada - website:  email:  

​BoroBengals - Ottawa, Canada - website:  email:   

​Bengaluxe - Quebec Canada - website:  email: 


Silky Sense - Greece - website:  email: 

Chantily Bengals - Hertfordshire, UK website:  email: 

Wheatshine Bengals - CADIZ, SPAIN - website:  email:  

Bengal Cat Manor - Hertfordshire England - website:  email: 

Manekineko - L'Escala SPAIN - website:  email:

Bengal de rêve - France - website:  email:​

Praslin - The Netherlands - website:  email:


​Bengals Australia - Australia - website:  email: 

​Bengals Australia is a registered business and we export our Bengal kittens all over the world. We have established breeding lines which are healthy and which produce many show-quality cats. We are enjoying a successful show career with CCC of A titles and FCCVic titles being awarded to our cats 

Painted Cats Day Dreamer

Leopardsrealm Bengals - Arizona

Our cattery is located in southern Arizona in the city of Sierra Vista nestled at the base of the Huachuca mountains. We are a small hobby breeder, focused on producing strikingly beautiful, healthy Bengal kittens with loving, outgoing personalities. Bengal cats have been a part of our lives for more than 20 years now, as we started breeding and showing these beauties in 1995. All of our breeder cats are screened for the health issues that occasionally affect this breed, such as HCM , PK Deficiency and Progressive retinal atrophy. We DNA color test all our breeders. Registered with CFA and TICA.

​​​The Brown Bengal Cat Breeders: Bengal Kittens and Bengal cats for sale

The Brown Bengal Cat 

The brown rosetted Bengal cat is elegant and stunning, The brown Bengal cat was bred to look like the Asian Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis). From the leopard cat we can see where the Bengal got its name. The brown spotted Bengal cat is perhaps the most traditional of all the Bengals. On this page you will find Bengal kittens and Bengal cats for sale, and  brown Bengal cat breeders will be featured. These Bengal breeders also may breed other Bengal colors. 

​Advice to Bengal kitten buyers: 
When you approach a Bengal breeder about their Bengal kittens do not lead with the question; "what is the Bengal cat price?" It is always best to tell the breeder about yourself. Or you could tell the breeder what it is about the breeder's Bengal kittens that got you interested. 


​BROWN (BLACK) TABBY from the CFA Bengal Standard
(Rosetted/Spotted, Marble): All variations of brown are allowed as the ground color, ranging from buff, tan, honey gold, to orange. Markings may be various shades of tan, brown, and black. There should be extreme contrast between ground color and markings, with distinct shapes, and well defined edges. Markings should be two toned. Lighter color spectacles enhance the eyes. A much lighter to white ground color on the whisker pads, chin, chest, belly, and inner legs, in contrast to the ground color of the flanks and back is desirable. Nose leather: Brick red, outlined in black. Paw pads: From pink, to brick red, with allowances for black or brown. Eye color: Gold to green.

Leopardsrealm Bengals

Painted Cats Bengals- Milwaukee Wisconsin-

Located in Wisconsin but we ship worldwide. We have TICA and CFA registered Bengal kittens. We are breeding healthy rosetted bengals for pet, show, and breeder homes. Adult breeding Bengals are HCM tested, PK Deficiency normal, PRA normal, FeLV FIV negative. Kittens are wormed and guaranteed parasite free and virus free. All Bengal kittens are socialized and they come with a health guarantee. We ship bengals to the contiguous United States and internationally.

We have a U.S. Fish and Wildlife permit

Painted Cats Clear Skies

Lulu Leopardz Missouri 

Beautiful socialized Bengals. We offer top quality bloodlines, looks, and PURR-sonality.
Lululeopardz Bengals is located in Pacific, Missouri, 30 minutes west of St. Louis. All Lulubabiez are born and raised in our home, with lots of love and attention. When you choose a Lulubaby, you aren't just getting top quality bloodlines, you are getting a sweet addition to your family!

Email: Website:

Wildlife Bengals -  Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

​We are a small in home cattery right next door to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.. Our kittens are bred with love and attention for rosettes, glitter, type, pelt, and contrast along with that wild look that is the breed standard.​